Hi,I am Astrea.
i'm 18 years old
and I live in Poland.
Drawing is my hobby and passion.It's something
the most important for
me in my whole life.
I also love cooking and
baking nice things~
I hope you enjoy
my art~♥
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That awkward moment when Diablo shows up to your religious protest

This reminds me of an old story I heard from a friend. One year, an anime con was being held the same weekend as a Bible Conference. This dude in an Ifrit costume, stilts and all, gets into the elevator, all hunched over, on his way down to the lobby. Before he could reach the lobby, the elevator stopped on another floor. Two old ladies clutching bibles were about to step on when they see this giant red demon-creature.

And in his deepest voice he says, “Going down?”

They shrieked and ran off to find another elevator.